Announcement: #LoveTransformation Tour and upcoming single release 

#LOVETRANSFORMATION Love Truck Tour, Single Release!

Are you sick of everyone getting so wrapped up in politics that they forget to demonstrate love in the moment? 

Do you think that small and consistent acts of love are the only way to transform our country, no matter if you are a democrat or a republican? 

Well you are not alone. Artist Anne Tello is driving across country ( from New York to Los Angeles), transforming the face of the truck into a "billboard" that says simply "Love Transforms" in honor of her new single "Love Transformation", and in effort to promote non- partisan peace in this time of political strife in America.

#Lovetransformation? Why? 

The project is about "selling love" on the billboard rather than capitalizing on fear, as so many brands and outlets do these days. It's small acts of kindness help. It's elevating collective consciousness and conquering the fear that always comes with a leap of faith. Its shameless positivity with no strings attached! 

You can also participate in sponsoring a "random act of kindness"- buy a flower for Anne to deliver to a random person along the trip - with all proceeds going to Shelter Partnership, Inc., a Los Angeles Based organization that provides well needed supplies for the Homeless. Of course many of us are now supporting the victims of Hurricane Harvey, now, which is incredibly important- my heart goes out to all affected! Hopefully we have room in our pockets to help out both causes now. 

It's the idea that love is, in the end, a much more powerful unifier than fear!

(412) - LOVE- USA

The tour will be documented on Facebook, Instagram and also on my YouTube channel, so be sure to stay tuned for updates and spread the word! 

Thanks for your support and for your friendship, everyone! See you on the road!


This is Anne Tello